Advertise in Email Newsletters email newsletters are sent each month to opt-in subscribers. Newsletters are a great way to get the word out about timely specials, attractions, events and other items of interest to Oregon travelers.

Newsletters are sent out for 10 regions of Oregon. Subscription numbers are below.

  • Metro Portland: 16,723 subscribers
  • North Coast: 10,362 subscribers
  • Central Coast: 10,373 subscribers
  • Southern Coast: 10,404 subscribers
  • Willamette Valley: 8,879 subscribers
  • Central Oregon: 8,090 subscribers
  • Southern Oregon: 8,004 subscribers
  • Eastern Oregon: 6,467 subscribers
  • Columbia Gorge/Mt. Hood: 8,891 subscribers
  • Yamhill Valley: 5,880 subscribers

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