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Wallowa County is home to a wealth of history the history of the Nez Perce whose story of their eviction from this unparalleled homeland in 1877 and fighting retreat almost to the border of Canada continues to claim the attention of the world.

We provide luxury homes, cozy cabins and condominiums at Wallowa Lake Oregon.  Lodging options include king beds, Jacuzzi tubs, handicap access, WiFi, phones and cable TV.  Most of our cabins are pet friendly.

Region: Eastern Oregon

This beautiful destination resort is located in Joseph, Oregon and offers a variety of cabins to suit any taste.


Lodging: Vacation Rentals
Region: Eastern Oregon

This stunning eastern Oregon Bed & Breakfast is located in Joseph, Oregon and offers 3 beautifully decorated guest rooms.


Lodging: Bed & Breakfast
Region: Eastern Oregon