Art galleries: the added bonus to wine country

Patrick Johnson

Thousands of people come to the Yamhill Valley to enjoy some of the world’s best wine, and end up discovering something they weren’t expecting – the area is also home to some excellent art galleries.

While there are many galleries in the area – a simple Internet search can give you a listing in the different towns – we wanted to feature a few to give you an idea of what the area has to offer.



The Newberg Gallery
115 N. College St., Newberg
877-351-5987 toll free

This old house located right on Highway 99W near downtown Newberg has been under the same ownership since 1996. Owner Sally Dallas says she has a variety of pieces, from posters to original art. She is currently working to expand her collection of local artists, and said that no matter what you are looking for she carries a “large repertoire” of pieces that people can examine.

She carries everything from fine art to ceramics and glass. Some of the artists shown include Romona Youngquist, impressionist landscapes of Chehalem Valley in oil; Kyle Kraiter, hand-blown glass; Michael Orwick. impressionist landscapes, vineyard paintings, in oils; Doug Hunt, landscapes, still life, wine art, in oilstick; Gary Buhler, watercolor landscapes and Kathleen Jones, birch trees and other subjects in oil.

“We are in an old building with lots of little rooms, so I really urge people to come in and just wander around,” Dallas says.

Because of that layout, The Newberg Gallery is set up like a home, with each showroom decorated like a room of a house, with furniture and all.

“I want people to be able to see how the art would look in their living space,” Dallas says. “Plus I get to have more furniture that way too.”

Dallas is known for her big picture window that faces the highway. Every so often she will paint it white and then turn it into another room in the house where the art is displayed.

“It has been kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, heck even a bathroom,” she says. “I am known around town for my window.”

Dallas, who is a certified picture framer, said she can ship any art that people from out of town find, and that she also can change the frame of any piece.

“We pride ourselves on customer service,” she says.



The Dapper Frog
110 SW Seventh St., Dundee

If you are looking for a world-class glass gallery in Oregon, The Dapper Frog galleries should be one of your first stops. The galleries, located in Dundee on Highway 99W as well as Gleneden Beach, Pacific City, and historic Nye Beach in Newport, focus exclusively on ceramic and glass artwork from world-renown artists including Randy Strong.

“We focus mostly on who has the best, high quality glass artwork instead of just having local artists,” says Kathleen Newton, director of marketing. “The local artists are great too, but we wanted to have the best art we possibly could in our four locations.”

Newton said that the stores carry everything from hand-blown jewelry to larger pieces. In addition, each gallery has unique art, so visiting all four galleries is the best way to find the glass piece you are looking for.

“If you want original art, the pieces in Dundee are different from Newport or Pacific City,” she says. “Not to say everything, is original, there are lower cost, multiple editions-type items that will be the same. For the Fine art, one of a kind, if you don’t see the form you particularly like in Dundee, you can look at the coast.”
Newton also says that the galleries are constantly changing. If you don’t see something you like one week, the next can be a totally different experience.

“We try to keep it fresh,” she says. “Yes, some of the larger pieces remain the same, but we are always looking to have a good variety of art that is different.”

Those looking for art can also order form the gallery’s Web site, and they ship all around the world, Newton says.


Currents Gallery
532 Northeast 3rd Street, McMinnville

If its local artists with a wide variety of mediums you are looking for, then Currents Gallery in historic downtown McMinnville is right for you.

Currents is an artist cooperative and it is owned and managed by the artists who are represented in the gallery. Members and consignment artists work in a wide array of media: watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage, printmaking, photography, ceramics, fiber, wood, basketry and jewelry.

“We have 10 owner members, and almost 40 local consignment artists. None of the art of this gallery from more than 30 miles away, when we say local, we mean local,” says Ilsa Perse, own of the owner, cooperative members. “Our art is made by locals and a lot of it depicts local industry.”

The gallery is constantly changing, with every month new work being displayed and a feature artist being showcased to coincide with McMinnville’s Art and Wine Walk year-round.

Perse said the gallery also offers classes, so by registering early, visitors from out of town could take a day-long art class and peruse the works in the gallery.

“We have found that a lot of women, whose husbands are visiting the Evergreen Aviation Museum, come over here and either take a class or just look around,” Perse said.

Perse said they look for the best in local artists and as a community art center are always trying to support local schools, community groups and artists.

“If you are tired of drinking wine and eating out, there is a good chance we have a class that will interest you for an afternoon,” Perse said. “We really are not your typical gallery and are very oriented to making it a great experience, whether you want to come and shop, or try to make your own art.”