Mt. Bachelor Village

Mt. Bachelor Village - the comforts of home

It's the best of both lodging worlds - hotel-style service in a private condo setting

By Dan Shryock

I feel myself sinking into that big-cushioned sofa in front of the fireplace. Tired from a day of skiing at nearby Mt. Bachelor, I sip on something warm concocted only steps away in the kitchen.

I may not be home, but it certainly feels that way. With the full kitchen, unusually comfortable king-size bed and balcony view of the Deschutes River, calling this condo "home" may be wishful thinking.

Mt. Bachelor Village, located off Reed Market Road on Bend's southwest side, provides a unique lodging experience. This is hotel-style service in a residential condo-style environment with an emphasis on luxury.

"We're the only luxury resort in Bend," says the resort's Michelle Marquis. "We take pride in our level of personal service. We want to see you again."

Most of the resort's guests either stayed here once before or heard about Mt. Bachelor Village from a friend. We can see why - it's worth bragging about.

Here's what you need to know:


This is hard to beat. Mt. Bachelor Village is positioned on a bluff above the beautiful Deschutes River in southwest Bend. It's an easy drive into town or west to the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway and Mt. Bachelor for snow in the winter or hiking, biking and more in the summer.

"We're right on the road to Mt. Bachelor and we're right in town," Michelle says. "We're the only hotel in Bend with complementary transportation to Mt. Bachelor."


Condos are furnished with comfort in mind.Mt. Bachelor Village offers six styles of condos and executive suites set among the Ponderosa pine and Juniper trees. Each unit is privately owned. Mt. Bachelor Village serves as a property manager. While it's condo and suite living, guests still receive maid service, complete kitchen services and other hotel in-room amentities.


There's plenty of dining options in Bend. The first choice is Scanlon's next door to Mt. Bachelor Village. While a separate business, Scanlon and Mt. Bachelor Village make the dining experience seamless for guests. Be it lunch or dinner, Scanlon's and its Northwest cuisine is a worthy choice. For reservations, call 541-382-8769.

Fitness Facilities:

What hotel can compete with a 125,000-square-foot athletic club. Mt. Bachelor Village guests have free access to the Athletic Club of Bend. "It's state of the art and full service," says the resort's Michelle Marquis. "It's a full fitness center with a steam room and sauna, child care. There's even an indoor track."

Other facilities:

A key attraction is a 2.2-mile loop walking trail taking hikers and casual walkers down the ridge for a pleasant walk along the rushing Deschutes River. This trail provides guests a fantastic overview of the resort's grounds and up-close look at the region's famed river. The trail is marked throughout the loop for an informative, self-guided naturalist tour.

Hikers and bicyclists may want to explore more than 40 trails extending from the nearby bicycle trail, only minutes away. "The bike trail system leads troughout the region," Michelle says. "You could go for a nice stroll or a full mountain bike ride ... all from right here." Bicycle rentals can be arranged.

Want to stay nearby? There are three pools to choose from - one at the resort and two at the ahtletic club. There also are two children's wading pools - one at the resort and the other at the club, a playground, 6 outdoor tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts.

Concierge Service:

The Deschutes River, running below the resort, is accessible via the 2.2-mile nature trail loop.Need concert tickets or help with golf tee times? The resort's concierge is there to help. "We can arrange day care, the spa, golf - whatever you want," Michelle says. "Our service is part of the luxury we offer."

Conference Center / Business Center:

The resort provides a business center for guests who can't quite escape work. In addition, the 5,400-square-foot Conference Center makes Mt. Bachelor Village an ideal location for business conferences and retreats. Both the business and conference centers are equipped for wireless Internet access.

"We do a huge amoung of conference business," Michelle says. "Then they come back with their families. We're a year-round destination with something for everyone."

Special features:

Unique events are planned for the entire family on major holidays, especially catering to children. "We want this to be a memorable experience," Michelle says. "We go Christmas Caroling, for example, and our guests love it. We start out with staff singing and more people join us as we go along. Then we have Santa waiting at the end.