Attractions: Museums/History

Presented by the class of 1942 to Willamette University on its 100th anniversary, these five giant Sequoias include the tallest of its kind on any college or university campus in the country.

City: Salem

This Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir was raised from a seed carried to the moon by Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa in 1971. Although Roosa was a native of Oklahoma, he was no stranger to Oregon.

City: Salem

Judge William Waldo, the son of an 1842 pioneer, planted this sequoia in 1872. Waldo made efforts during his lifetime to preserve the tree and over time others have saved it from the encroaching street system.

City: Salem

This giant sequoia was found as a seedling tree along the railroad tracks by Sister Protasia Schindler in 1893. She planted it in front of the Queen of Angels Monastery to give some life to the grounds.

City: Mt. Angel

The Signature Oak at The Oregon Garden is the oldest and largest tree in a grove of Oregon white oaks that predates settlement of the Willamette Valley by European immigrants and their descendents.

City: Silverton

Andrew J. Baker, who arrived in the Oregon Territory in 1843 as part of the Great Migration, planted the black walnut in 1870 next to his house, built in 1852.

City: McMinnville
Region: Yamhill Valley

This tree has long been identified with Henry H. Wheeler for whom Wheeler County is named. From 1864 through 1868, Wheeler drove the first stagecoach service past this site on The Dalles - Canyon City Wagon Road.

Region: Central Oregon

This majestic pine is the biggest of its species ever recorded. It was a giant before the Oregon Territory was established, enduring centuries of fire, insects, disease, and human impact.

Region: Eastern Oregon

This grove of western red cedars was planted in 1934, the first of hundreds of tree plantings organized by Lockyear in a life dedicated to reforestation.

The original start of this lilac was brought from Maine to Oregon in 1843 by Mary Charlotte Foster, wife of Philip Foster, partner with Sam Barlow on the Barlow Road.