Nyberg Chestnut (Castanea sativa)

The Nyberg Chestnut was part of a 150 tree mixed orchard that was planted around 1903 and owned by John Nyberg, a immigrant from Sweden. When Interstate 5 was being built, the Nyberg home and orchard was located on the highway right-of-way and had to be moved and most of the orchard was destroyed. But John Nyberg stood between the tree Due to the efforts of John Nyberg this tree became one of only a few Oregon trees located on the original I-5 right-of-way that was saved from demolition during construction of the highway.

The Nyberg Chestnut is located at the Interstate 5 and Nyberg Road interchange at the City of Tualatin in Washington County.

Height: 65'
Circumference: 14'
Crown Spread: 70'
Approximate Age: 100 years
Dedicated: April 13, 2002