Regions: Northern Coast

You really can't miss the Tillamook Air Museum.

City: Tillamook

Mention Tillamook Burn today and the image of a charred, grilled cheese sandwich might come to mind. However, seventy-five years ago, it meant one thing: fire.

City: Tillamook

Seeing the North Coast by Rail

Attraction: Sightseeing

Astoria Column offers panoramic views of nature and history

City: Astoria

This highway is reverently dedicated to Oregon's sons. Members of the 41st division, both living and dead, who wore the Sunset emblem and offered their all in complete devotion to the cause of world peace.

Lt. Neil M. Howison, U.S.N., arrived in the Columbia River 1 July, 1846 on board the 300-ton United States Naval Survey Schooner "Shark" for the purpose of making an investigation of part of the Oregon Country.

On January 8, 1806 William Clark and perhaps fourteen of the famous expedition reached a Tillamook village of five cabins on a creek which Captain Clark named Ecola or Whale Creek.

Devastating waves called “tsunamis” can strike the Oregon coast at any time.

Fort Clatsop, Built by Lewis and Clark in December, 1805 for use as winter headquarters, was situated eight-tenths of a mile south of his point.

Fort Stevens was named for General Isaac Ingalls Stevens, first Governor of Washington Territory, who died a hero of the Civil War of 1862.