Regions: Southern Oregon

Few places on earth command overwhelming awe from observers, but Crater Lake, in south central Oregon, certainly does. Even in a region of volcanic wonders, Crater Lake can only be described in superlatives. Stories of the deep blue lake can never prepare visitors for their first breathtaking look from the brink of this 6 mile wide caldera which was created by the eruption and collapse of Mt. Mazama almost 7,000 years ago.

During the early 1850s hundreds of miners and settlers poured into southwest Oregon and onto Indian lands staking claims and establishing farms.

Attraction: Museums/History

Length: 68 miles / 108.8 km
Fees: There are fees associated with parking for more than a few hours near trailhead markers. Also, permits are required.

Attraction: Sightseeing, Byways-Routes

Length: 140 miles / 224.0 km
Time to Allow: Plan for 5 to 7 hours to tour this byway.
Fees: There is a fee to enter Crater Lake National Park.

Attraction: Sightseeing, Byways-Routes

Length: 172 miles / 275.2 km
Time to Allow: Plan on 7 to 8 hours to tour this Byway.

Attraction: Sightseeing, Byways-Routes

Length: 171 miles / 273.6 km
Time to Allow: Expect 3 to 4 hours to experience all this Byway has to offer.

Attraction: Sightseeing, Byways-Routes

From Medford travel west on Highway 238 through Jacksonville to Ruch. From Ruch head south on Applegate Road for approximately 8.5 miles.

Attraction: Covered Bridges
City: Medford