Cities: Portland

Settled in 1829, Portland was named in a coin flip after Portland, Maine, birthplace of one of its founders (the losing option was Boston). An hour from skiing at Mount Hood and 90 minutes from the Oregon Coast, Portland is a recreational paradise.

It has been known by three names, has been the site of at least one documented gun fight, and to this day attracts the rich and the poor alike.

Attraction: Sightseeing

Exactly on the other side of the world from the fascinating undersea valley called the Crozet Basin, just 75 feet above sea level, there is a more accessible, very different, but just as

Cities like Amsterdam and Leipzig may compete for the title, but Portland, Oregon, claims the prize itself: the City of Books.

Attraction: Shopping, Sightseeing

Portland offers more parks than any other city in the nation and one of the best on a warm sunny day is Jamison Square.

Dancing in the breeze, the trees at The Grotto swayed to the beat of the East wind.

Water everywhere, for everyone: public fountains in downtown Portland

Although the Pittock Mansion has been overlooking Portland for more than 80 years, there is always something new to see when visiting the historic site.

Sitting in downtown Portland, surrounded by theaters, museums and wonderful 12-block park, the Portland Art Museum is the center of discovery.

Have you ever created your own cartoon or played Connect Four with giant robotic arms? Have you ever been inside a real submarine or made flubber in a science lab?

Two year old Violet Johnson stood and stared in amazement.

Sure, she had seen elephants in her books at home, but had never seen the real thing.

Until today.