Cities: Portland

Settled in 1829, Portland was named in a coin flip after Portland, Maine, birthplace of one of its founders (the losing option was Boston). An hour from skiing at Mount Hood and 90 minutes from the Oregon Coast, Portland is a recreational paradise.

Water everywhere, for everyone: public fountains in downtown Portland

Although the Pittock Mansion has been overlooking Portland for more than 80 years, there is always something new to see when visiting the historic site.

Driving to the waterfront on the east side of Portland, the first thing people normally think about is OMSI – the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Every time Marilyn Depew walks through the Japanese Garden, she notices something different.

“WOW! I want to be in front!” Ethan said as he rushed on to the tram car, putting his hands on the bubble-like window in the front of the tram.

Attraction: Sightseeing

Years ago a curious 7-year-old named Michael Jones followed an old-timer into the depths of one of Portland's residential hotels.

Jim and Stephanie Rose stood outside in the rain, with a large pink box waving it around like they had won the lottery.

"I think it's beautiful. I like being in it," says Angela Jennings. "I love the stairs."

One of Portland’s oldest cultural organizations is also one of its most interesting.

Sitting in downtown Portland, surrounded by theaters, museums and wonderful 12-block park, the Portland Art Museum is the center of discovery.